10 March 2015

SEANIE MAC HQ - Nightclub Secrets To Increase RevenueSEANIE MAC HQ | Nightclub Secrets To Increase Revenue

Visit this site January Test So this January we had 3 events. 1 Friday Night & 2 Saturday Nights. I promoted it from our Facebook page and all 3 events had increased in door numbers 20%-50% on the same night the previous week. I have attached proof and reaction to my Facebook promotion. The only way to Increase numbers and revenue is to Offer and Offer again. Once you take your foot off the gas Revenue and interests in your Venue will drop.

23 September 2012

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07 June 2012

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Only 1 day left to start UEFA Euro Championship 2012 at Poland-Ukraine. Participant all team are already prepared for this championship. respectively this tournament is very popular after FIFA world Cup. So it is very important for every contestant on Euro Zone.

16 May 2012

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13 May 2012

Man City 3 vs QPR 2

Manchester city won the English Premier league 44 years later. They are won the first time in 1968 on English title.   Man city beating Quens park rangers by 3-2. Sergio aguero and Dzeko scoring at match extra time. 
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