For The Game For the World.

This is message for all football supporter. FIFA is a organization For all football association. FIFA  can take any decision for the fair play. They provide the basic laws for the world football, on which countless rules are set competition , transfer, doping issues and a host of other concerns. Changes to the FIFA statutes can only be made by FIFA congress and require a three- quater majority of the association present and eligible to vote. 

World football's governing body established on 21 may 1904, And singing time members are France, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain Sweden, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland at the union Francaiese de Sports Athletiques headquarters in Paris. The first president for FIFA a French man Robert Guerin is selected by FIFA congress election. Now time  Swis man Joseph Blatter is President And who is in his fourth successive term, its headquarter stand on Zurich in Switzerland. FIFA  is responsible for the organization and governance of football major international tournament . Most notably the FIFA world cup . held since 1930. Nineteen edition of the FIFA world cup have been held  so far. Last FIFA world cup have been held on South Africa in 2010. The next World cup is to be held on Brazil in 2014. Every 4 year latter FIFA arrange FIFA world cup to the different place in the world. FIFA also  arrange some global event such as FIFA women's world cup, U-17 world cup, U-20 world cup, Beach soccer world cup and Club world cup. sure to thrill fans accros the globe.

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